Classic busses (was Re: Whats a reasonable collection?)

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 20:47:18 2001

On June 28, Roger Ivie wrote:
> It may be most, but it's definitely not all of them, even if you restrict
> yourself to DEC options. In addition to the DEC VMEbus adapter I mentioned
> in another message, there was also an A.Open (I think that's the name; the
> mutilation of I2C DEC used for keyboards and mice on the 5000/25) adapter.
> I know DEC did some serial ports, although I don't think they sold them;
> when I asked for info on doing serial port drivers for Ultrix, they
> dredged up code for a TURBOchannel serial interface from the bowels
> of some Ultrix lab. There was also some audio interface they used as
> an example implemenation in some paper somewhere.

  There are, I believe, one or two TC audio cards by DEC. I also have
a TC HPIB interface by National Instruments.

          -Dave McGuire
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