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From: Paul Braun <nerdware_at_laidbak.com>
Date: Thu Jun 28 20:46:15 2001

> --- Paul Braun <nerdware_at_laidbak.com> wrote:
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> > <<snippage>>
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> > > I was offered a *huge* box (> 1 cu ft) of modules at Dayton for
> > > $0.25 each.
> >
> > Wow! Were you there when he had just dragged them out of his
> > van? I might have been standing right next to you and not even known
> > it.
> Maybe... I'm 5'6", long, brown ponytail, clean shaven (at the moment),
> and might have been wearing "glacier glasses" (my only prescription
> sunglasses) if it was sunny enough to need them (which was _not_ often
> that Friday).
That sounds familiar....I probably did see you.

I'm about 6'1", was wearing some sort of hat...probably my Novell
hat, and was wearing an embroidered "Heil Sound" shirt (I was a
semi-official employee for the weekend...)

And yes, Friday was a joy for those of us wandering the flea
market. I made it through the early sprinkles, bought 5 Storage
Dimensions raid cabinets, and grabbed my umbrella when I toted
'em back to my car.

I gave up, however, when the really black clouds and lightning
moved in.... decided it was no longer fun.

> > I pawed through the boxes, too, but after seeing "reject" written on
> > 80% of the items, I opted not to waste any more time.
> Me, too, although I have bought items at Dayton marked "defective" -
> got a 3Com 3c905 that way for free - the seller threw it in as a
> freebie because I bought _something_ from him - took it home, plugged
> it in and am still using it. I suspected that the thing that was most
> likely to be defective was the bench-tech who tested it. I was right.
> Doesn't mean I want to test 200 lamp modules, though.
True. I've gotten some real bargains that way... picked up a Newton
2k for $45....needed a new power adapter ($20 on ebay) and I found
a guy who'll fix it's boot glitch for $75...so, all in all, I was happy. I
can finally retire my MP100.

Paul Braun WD9GCO
Cygnus Productions

"A computer without a Microsoft operating system is like a dog without a bunch of bricks tied to its head."
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