1% (was Re: Looking for info - En-link Ethernet card for the Apple II)

From: Eric Chomko <chomko_at_greenbelt.com>
Date: Thu Jun 28 21:46:13 2001

Iggy Drougge wrote:

> Ethan Dicks skrev:
> >--- Eric Chomko <chomko_at_greenbelt.com> wrote:
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> >> Ethan Dicks wrote:
> >>
> >> > > > ...the 1% rule - ten years later, you can get a computer for 1% of
> >> > > > its original purchase price.
> >>
> >> Well I suspect that the 1% rule means that a system is a) not rare, and b)
> >> totally obsolete in the sense that all its functionality can be had in
> >> newer machines (more at superset).
> >As I disclaimed, this does not account for the collector value of certain
> >computers, especially as you get far beyond 10 years. A 10-year-old
> >computer hits 1%; a 25-year-old computer is frequently worth more than it
> >was at 10 years, but not necessarily more than it was when it was new.
> It's quite funny how I've been given working Mac IIci setups or at most have
> paid 25 crowns (hamburger money) for them, whereas finding an (unexpanded)
> Amiga 3000 or Atari TT (equivalent systems at the time, but with a cheaper
> price tag) below 1000 crowns is very difficult.
> Similarly, classic workstations seem to be worth peanuts (at least on eBay).
> If only Amigas had been a success in the academic world, then I could buy them
> by the dozen on eBay. =)

Hey, good point! Cheap Amigas is always a good thing. But somehow we got
screwed twice!

> >> I'm trying to think of a coin collecting equivalent and can only think of
> >> coins sold by the pound (weight). Many coin dealers actually buy foreign
> >> coins that way.
> >Debased currency aside, I would think that a coin that is legible is never
> >worth less than face value, or 100%. Money that has been removed from
> >circulation (British Pound notes, for example) is no longer currency, and

Say what? You do know about fiat money, right? You don't expect to melt pot
metal for a profit do you?

> >could be considered to be "no longer functioning". A bundle of cotton rag
> >paper with colored printing on it is worth an infintessimal fraction of the
> >same weight in $100 bills.
> All British notes that I've seen have been in pounds...

Yes, got a couple off eBay. Looking for a deal with some Brits to send them back.

Does the UK have sports memorabilia per se? Soccer or cricket perhaps?
Cards, programs, any printed matter?


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