PDP-11/53 jumper doc found

From: Jonathan Engdahl <engdahl_at_cle.ab.com>
Date: Fri Jun 29 07:50:06 2001

I guess there must have been only one copy of the 11/53 CPU
board manual left in the world, and Giorgio Ungarelli had it in
Switzerland. He sent me a copy, and I will eventually get this
information up on my web site.

It is a supplement to the MicroPDP-11/73 manual. It documents
the baud rate, boot, and halt option jumpers, etc. for the older
version of the KDJ11-DA, the one with only .5 meg of RAM on
board, and the CPU in the center. I've got one of these boards,
and a couple of the newer ones (KDJ11-SD). I'm sure that once we
know what the jumpers do, we can figure out where they got moved
on the newer boards.

I think the reason the board won't boot when you don't have a
front panel is that the boot option inputs float to "15", which
is "manufaturing test loop".

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