CD Writer for a uVax II

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Date: Fri Jun 29 10:29:51 2001

     CMU IP works on this set up ( well, does on mine anyway )

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Subject: Re: CD Writer for a uVax II
Author: petersd ( at unix,mime
Date: 29/06/01 15:39

Thanks for the suggestion but I am tied to this
system because of legacy hardware and software.
I do need to be able to read the resulting CD-ROM
on a non-VMS box so now I am thing the thing to do is to
get the microVax II on a TCP/IP network and use
TCP/IP to pull the data off. I understand that the
DEQNA (later replaced by the DELNQ) board
provides an ethernet interface but I am wondering
where I could find TCP/IP compatible software
for microVMS 4.6. I know multinet exists for
openVMS but I have my doubts about it working with
this old a version or VMS. any ideas about this approach?
And you are right, I have two hard drives a
RQDX3-AA with a RD54 (159 MB disk)
and a
RQDAE-FQ with a RD53 (79 MB disk)
Dave wrote:
> > I am looking for way to get data out of a microVax II
> > running microVMS 4.6 onto a CD ROM.
> >
> > The way I figure it if I can find a CD writer than works in
> > that configuration I'm done. But I can't seem to find out
> > whether this is even possible let alone where to buy a CD
> > like this. Any suggestions?
> >
> > If the CD Writer is an impossibility then my next approach
> > is the put a network interface on the uVax II and send the
> > data I need to a more recent vintage.
> Unfortunatly you don't state what the resulting CD-ROM needs to be
> readable on.
> If it needs to be an ODS-2 CD-ROM your best bet looks to be to obtain a
> VMS box with VMS V5.4 or newer. Though from the looks of things it really
> should have V6.2 or newer. You can then use the following to create a disk
> image that you can then burn to CD-R on a PC, Mac, or Unix box.
> If you need to read the CD-ROM on a non-VMS box, then things are going to
> get tricky.
> Also some information about the MicroVAX II itself would help. I assume
> you've got RD5x drives on a RQDX3 controller? If you're lucky enough to
> have a SCSI controller and have SCSI Hard Drives on the system then there is
> another trick that should work as long as the disks are under 650MB.
> Zane

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