Micro Cornucopia auction

From: Paul R. Santa-Maria <paul_at_orchard.wccnet.org>
Date: Fri Jun 29 20:22:03 2001

Because of the interest, I have decided to hold a sealed bid auction for
the complete set of Micro Cornucopia magazines.

Every issue from #1 (July 1981, 16 pages) to #53 (May 1990, 96 pages) is
here. The subheading started out "Journal of the Big Board Users",
changed with #7 to "The Single Board Systems Journal", and finally changed
with #23 to "The Micro Technical Journal".

Topics covered included software--BASIC, Pascal, C, Forth, Smalltalk,
Prolog, Wordstar, dBase II, CP/M, MS-DOS, and much more--and
hardware--memory upgrades, EPROM erasers, a logic analyzer, video
circuitry, even a complete Nat Semi 32000 chip set computer with circuit
diagrams. The early issues have almost exclusively Big Board, CP/M, and
Z80 content. The final issues have almost exclusively MS-DOS PC content.
In the middle there is an incredible variety of hard-core technical

Almost all the issues are perfect. The early issues I purchased as back
issues so they do not even have mailing labels on them. Issue 21,
December-January 1985, has "Sample for Microsystems Readers" printed in
red on the front; Micro Cornucopia was trying to pick up subscribers from
Sol Libes' magazine that folded. That was my first issue and every issue
from #21 on has mailing labels on them. Issue 29 is damaged; it appears
that this one was on the end of a bundle--the cover is scuffed and there
are small tears at the top and bottom from the binding strap.

End of auction is Friday 6 July 2001 at 8pm. Send bids to
paul_at_wccnet.org. Highest bidder wins (duh!). Payment is by check or
money order and must be received within 30 days (6 August) of auction end.

Shipping costs are IN ADDITION to the bid amount. I can ship via US Mail
or UPS. The magazines weigh about 24 pounds and would cost about $9 to
ship USPS Media Mail without insurance. Shipping is from Monroe, Michigan
48161. No shipping charges if you pick it up, of course.

I will repost this notice on Monday and Thursday.

Paul R. Santa-Maria
Monroe, Michigan USA
Received on Fri Jun 29 2001 - 20:22:03 BST

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