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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 10:05:31 2001

--- Iggy Drougge <> wrote:
> >> >> Then he had a KA410-A board... a ÁVAX 2000 or a VAXstation 2000.
> This card is totally bare, lacking any daughter boards. What a shame.

You'll also want a RAM daughter card, too. There isn't much on board. 2Mb
cards should be easy to find and nearly free. Anything larger than 4Mb will
probably be a bit expensive if sold seperately (my largest is a 4Mb).

> My friend is experienced...

Hopefully he's experienced at desoldering multi-layer boards. That's
a bit more difficult than two-layer, because the power and ground planes
suck lotsa heat and are difficult to clean out with a hand-operated
solder sucker.


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