PDP 11/34

From: Mike Kenzie <KenzieM_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Jun 30 10:10:11 2001

Well I just picked up a car load of stuff. Manuals, disks
and paper tapes, a VT100 terminal and 2 8" floppy drives.

I left 4 RL05 drives, 2 racks and card cages behind for
another trip.

The 2 racks are not quite the same size but I didn't think
that they'd tie to the roof of the Toyota.
So I'll get a mover to haul the rest.

In one of the boxes was what looks like a pair of electric

Anyone in the Ottawa area interested in helping assemble

How much of this do I need to get the system working, ie.
can I put the a card cage and a drive in a smaller rack that
will fit in the basement?
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