New finds at a school auction

From: Mike Kenzie <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 10:17:20 2001

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Sent: Saturday, June 30, 2001 9:51 AM
Subject: New finds at a school auction

> Wednesday of this week I went to a school auction and came
away 3 new in
> the box Apple II WorkStation cards, apple number A2B2088
dated 1987.
> Two are still sealed and the one that had been open had
Ramworks III
> card by Applied Engineering inside also. I had to watch
them pass (for
> no bidders) on 100's of Apple II's, apple floppy drive,
apple monitors,

> some TRS80 model III's, pc stuff. I do not have the room
to store all
> the stuff that they will be trashing

Where was this located I'm still looking for an early Tandy?
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