PDP 11/34

From: Mike Kenzie <KenzieM_at_sympatico.ca>
Date: Sat Jun 30 11:29:40 2001

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> >Well I just picked up a car load of stuff. Manuals,
> >and paper tapes, a VT100 terminal and 2 8" floppy drives.
> >
> >I left 4 RL05 drives, 2 racks and card cages behind for
> >another trip.
> Are those RK05 or RL01 or RL02 drives?

I would guess that they are RK05, I just hauled 2 RL01's
into the garage. Further looking on the web leads me to
think that there maybe 3 card cages 2 standards and 1
enhanced with the keypad. There are also a bunch of disks
for the RL01.

I also found documentation for a PDP 11/05 in the pile and,
a box of 8" floppies, and a box of paper tapes. I didn't
notice a reader. There were also 2 bakplanes in a second
box and a bunch more cards which I'll list latter.

The 8" floppy drives are Morrows.

There is documentation for CROMEMCO fortran in the pile

> >How much of this do I need to get the system working,
> >can I put the a card cage and a drive in a smaller rack
> >will fit in the basement?
> Part of the answer to the question will be do you want to
be able to bring
> up whatever system is on those disk packs? Keep in mind
it might require
> all 4 of those drives, plus if those are RK05's you want
to make sure you
> keep all of them.

Looking at the pile I'm thinking that there is still 1 rack

Will keeping them in an unheated garage cause much damage,
or should I make an effort to get the units to the basement.
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