PDP 11/34

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Sat Jun 30 12:24:01 2001

>I would guess that they are RK05, I just hauled 2 RL01's
>into the garage. Further looking on the web leads me to
>think that there maybe 3 card cages 2 standards and 1
>enhanced with the keypad.

The traditional nomenclature is that you have one CPU (that's the one with
the keypad) and two expansion chassis.

>I also found documentation for a PDP 11/05 in the pile and,
>a box of 8" floppies, and a box of paper tapes. I didn't
>notice a reader. There were also 2 bakplanes in a second
>box and a bunch more cards which I'll list latter.

Sometimes systems came with the diagnostics on paper tape (DEC paper tapes
are all marked on the leader with their function, if they start with the
letters XX then they are diagnostics so save them!)

>The 8" floppy drives are Morrows.
>There is documentation for CROMEMCO fortran in the pile

So it seems there was some S100 stuff there too.

>Will keeping them in an unheated garage cause much damage,
>or should I make an effort to get the units to the basement.

It is ok to store them in an unheated garage but it is not recommended that
you operate them over wide ranges of temperatures. Moving them to the
basement would be a Good Thing however and preserve your investment in time
and effort.

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