Apple Thermal Transfer printer

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 16:40:18 2001

        I walked out my door this afternoon to find an Apple Thermal
Transfer printer sitting next to the garbage can outside of our
building. It's model# A9M0306 and while I've seen plenty of
Imagewriter's and other Apple printers, this is the first time I've
come across one of these. I almost passed it up because at first
glance it appeared to be just another 80 column dot matrix. Two
things that caught my eye were the old multi-color Apple logo and the
serial cable attacbed to it. It's missing whatever head/ribbon would
be installed and I rescued it just minutes before a thunderstorm
moved through. If anyone is interested in it, you're welcome to it
for the cost of shipping. Otherwise I'll likely hold on to it.

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