HP2748A papertape reader : connector ?

From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Sat Jun 30 18:33:45 2001

Tony Duell skrev:

>The Facit 4070 is what _everyone_ used :-). Yes, HP used it for a time
>(one of the options for the 98032 is certainly to connect to a 4070, and
>it was used with larger machines as well). So did Philips (on the P800
>series). I've got a 3rd party card to link it to the DEC Unibus, and
>information on a similar card for Omnibus. Oh, and my Fluke DVM system
>has an option card to drive the 4070.

Is that a genuine Facit design? I'm surprised to see that Facit ever made
anything so high-tech or electronic themselves. While I've seen and used Facit
printers and terminals I've always assumed those were OEM designs.

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