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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 20:37:17 2001

R. D. Davis skrev:

>On Fri, 29 Jun 2001, Ethan Dicks wrote the following words of wisdom:
>> And _my_ preference is to keep things in chronological order and with the
>> new comments interspersed for context. Oh, yeah, and with the irrelevant
>> stuff *not* quoted.

>Agreed. I remember when there was a time when careless, clueless,
>bandwidth and time wasters on Usenet were flamed to a crisp for not
>doing this. The lines of text that were irrelevant were replaced with
>a single "[...]". Also, severe flamage would also result when those
>blasted careless, clueless, people would fail to properly quote the
>names of those whose words they were replying to.

And that certainly is not en vogue at the moment. I've been on this net long
enough to know a thing or two about netiquette and standards, and people's
personal preferences are null and void in the face of standards.
I must have a particularly nasty aura, but that's because most people don't
know what the net looked like before the advent of Netscape, AOL or Microsoft.
That was most definitely a better net. The aboundance of information and
people wasn't the same, but it's mostly a matter of quantity vs quality.

>What do you think, do we need to go back to using severe flamage in
>order to correct this problem? The flames weren't attempts at being
>nasty; they were merely a very fast method of education. :-)

It's not the most fashionable amongst teaching methods, but it certainly
worked for me.

>> Unfortunately, this is the style of yester-year, of 1200-baud UUCP feeds

>However. it still works well, and produces messages that make sense.

Exactly. And this net isn't large enough for several concurrent standards.

>> and old Usenet. None of this is easy to do with MicroSloth products.

>Nothing useful is easy to do with Micro$loth products.

Exactly, M$ practice does not equal le bon usage.

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