preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 20:42:45 2001

Davison, Lee skrev:

>> > Scanning printed material much above 150dpi is usually a waste
>> > as most printing is done at about 70dpi.
>> What are you smoking, and is there enough for the rest of us?
>We're talking old manuals here. Remember? OLD manuals.

>> 600 Dpi with resolution enhancement is very old technology
>> for laserprinters
>Nobody, commercially, makes books on laserprinters.

Perhaps not commercial books, as in novels or popular textbooks, but I've got
quite a lot of manuals produced on ancient laser printers.

>> If you can manage it, i would say scan at 600 Dpi.
>Waste of time, effort and storage space.

I must agree here, though. Can't think of many details which wouldn't show up
in 300 dpi as well.

>> scanning at 1/2 the target printer resolution is probably
>> the best you can hope for.
>Scanning at just over twice the source resolution is the best you
>will ever get. More than that's a waste.

Agreed, but arguing that just because something is printed using equipment
with a low numeric resolution doesn't mean that it should be scanned at the
same resolution. There is no way in which the two grids would overlap
perfectly, so in order to gain every single dot, you need to scan at a higher
resolution than the source was printed at.

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That's a bloody long .sig you've got there.

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