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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Jun 30 22:44:31 2001

Ethan Dicks skrev:

>--- Bill Pechter <> wrote:
>> > My friend is experienced. I only wonder if the card will run without that
>> > quasi-SCSI chip.

>Probably, but no TK50, then, and no possibility to patch the ROMs and
>use the SCSI interface as a real SCSI interface (I've been trying to
>get back to that project, but stalled when I realized that I don't have
>a map of which byte corresponds to which socket).

That would of course be nice, but is there such a patch?

>> If all he wants is the 5380 -- I recommend using something like
>> a MediaVision ProAudio Spectrum Sound Card as the chip donor.
>> I've got 3 and a Trantor T180 (which I think uses the same chip)
>> available to help save a MicroVax.

>I have a T128 that gave up a 5380 for a Supra controller (but I did a
>nice, clean job and installed a socket for later - it's my only *bootable*
>8-bit SCSI card).

I'll see if I can sacrifice a Mac on the VAX/Supra altar, but I'm having a
hard time justifying the sacrifice of a working machine for a bare-bones
(piranha-eaten is a better description =) 0,9 VUP VAX.

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