Contents overview of Transputer Applications Notebook

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Thu Mar 1 09:04:41 2001

Hi Tony,

Tony Duell wrote:

>> Hi,
>> I have both books, but I currently dont have access to them. Thanks a lot.
>> I wanted to know which tech notes were duplicated in the Inmos Technical
>> Notes
>> and Communicating Sequential Processing books. Do you have those books?
> I'm pretty sure I have the former book, but not the latter. I have the
> well-known book 'Communicating Sequential Processes' by Hoare, but I
> don't think that's the same one at all.

Ooops, that should have been Communicating Process Architecture, I got
my books back. The Technical Notes & Communicating Process Architecture
is a repackage of the Transputer Application Notebooks. 95% of the
technical notes that are found in the Application Notebooks are in the
technical notes & CPA book. Hoare's CSP book is a classic, but I havent
had much luck finding it. I am also looking for the CACM article by
Hoare on CSP's as well. Not much luck getting that either :-(

> I also should have (somewhere) the Transputer databook, the instruction
> set book, the TRAM databook, the T9000 databook, etc.

TRAM databook? Never heard of this one. What is in it? I dont have
any of the T9000-based books either :-(

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