Wang VS-100 system

From: ip500 <>
Date: Thu Mar 1 09:08:31 2001

        Hi Joe,
Join the club ... No one seems to know much about them. Other than the
fact that they're big! As I recall there were 3 or 4 big floor model
hard drives, at least one dual 8" table unit and a big 9 track tape deck
too. The CPU was about two rack widths X 4' high or so and Heavy! It's
still sitting in the guys storage building I guess.

Joe wrote:
> Craig,
> Fisrt, I don't know anything about any of the Wangs. Second, does the
> VS-100 have disk drives? If so, what size? I just bought a box of new
> blank hard sectored 8" floppy disk made by Wang and I was wondering what
> kind of system used them.
> Joe
> At 07:26 AM 2/28/01 -0500, you wrote:
> > Anyone using or hacking a Wang VS-100 system for anything these days? I
> >ran across a very complete looking one in a storage building but as it's
> >reasonably huge I've left it for the time being. O/S is unique to Wang
> >is it not? Too proprietary to be of any use?
> > Thanks, Craig
> >
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