Subject: Contents overview of Transputer Applications Noteboo k

From: McFadden, Mike <>
Date: Thu Mar 1 12:11:34 2001

That title seems to ring a bell.
Somewhere I have the full set of the documentation and software that came
with the CSA transputer kit. I also have a set of the boards that go in the
PC. One board is a single t805 with the PC interface the other contains 4
T805's that can be connected via jumper cables. 5-6 years ago I modeled
several ultrasound algorithms using the transputer to see if parallel
processing using the transputer would produce real-time images.

The kit came with reprints of several transputer and occam articles. I also
researched what others had done and got reprints of their articles. My
local public library has a book on creating applications using the

I'll try and dig up more this weekend.

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