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From: Bill Dawson <>
Date: Thu Mar 1 22:18:16 2001


-> I am looking to get rid of a Texas Instruments Professional Computer (TI
-> PC) immediately if anyone is interested. It is in great shape, but
-> unfortunately needs a proprietary keyboard, and I don't know what
-> exactly for a monitor. It also used a custom version of Microsoft DOS,
-> that I don't have.... it won't boot from a regular DOS boot disk. It
-> has two 360K full height floppy drives, and no HD.

-> It will cost only the price of shipping, plus maybe a little extra, if I
-> have to buy more bubble wrap, or a box, or whatever.

I have a keyboard for one of these, but it doesn't work (anymore). I found
out the hard way about 5 years ago that when you plug these into a regular
XT, all the magic smoke escapes from the keyboard. If anyone is interested,
I still have it (TI LOW PROFILE KEYBOARD P/N 2230528-0001). It's complete
except for the missing smoke and free for the cost of shipping also.


Washington, PA
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