ID a keyboard please ?

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Mar 2 21:30:42 2001

 I usually pick up any old uncommon keyboard that I see. I recently
acquired one that has no Logo or company name on it. Opening it
up gives some #s and the name Handaman on the PCB. The
connector is a right-angle 5pin DIN.

 It has a plastic silver-gray case and a metal bottom-plate It is
qwerty with grey and black keys. There is a reset button on the
upper-left side. There's a row of 5 function keys on the left labelled
PF1 to PF10. On either side of the space key are LOCK on left
side and GRAPH on right side. On the left side of the qwerty are
ESC, a tab-key,CTRL, and SHIFT. It has the >< keys between the
l-shift and Z.and double periods and commas where those usually
Some others are also differently placed- INS/DEL are one key. It
has a numeric keypad with a RED break key and a double 0 next
to the regularly placed 0.

 Anyone recognize this beast ?

thanks larry


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