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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Fri Mar 2 21:30:42 2001

> Hello Edwin!
> "Edwin P. Groot" wrote:
> >
> > Welcome!
> > Well Chad, it varies a lot who has what in their collection.
> > Personally, I have micro collection like you do. There's not that
> > much space in my 1 br apartment, and micros are what I grew up with.
> > To me, 80's micros are /real/ computers.
> I have a 2 bedroom apt, that is way too full with computer "junk".
> That is one of the reasons I want to..... what's a good word, maybe
> refine?, my collocation.
> > I think your Model 80 is cool because this micro built like a
> > tank and
> > weighs a ton reminds me of what the IBM corporation is like. The way
> > the insides are arranged is really Gothic.
> This has always been a mystery to me, since I bought mine. Everyone
> always talks about how heavy, and "built like a tank" these computers
> are. I don't think mine is that heavy, maybe because I don't have
> dual full height drives? I was expecting the case to be made from
> think steel, but mine is some sort of plastic (composite?). That
> said, it is currently one of my favorite computers :-)
> Chad Fernandez
> Michigan, USA
 Better check that model number again. The 386 8580's (and the
less expensive 286 8560 look-a-like) are heavy-guage steel full-
tower boxes with pull-out metal floor stand and a steel fold-up
handle which must have been put on for weight-lifting exercise,
since no normal strength person would carry it more than 20 yards
without resting. Most 80s also came with 2 large ESDI HDs which
must weigh between 10-15lbs. each and a 1/2 ht. 14.4 FDD.
 I have 2 of them and a 60 among my IBM collection.
 Hmm. In walking around clunking my IBMs, only my 8557 and
8590 came up non-metal. Even the PCjr, PS/1s and Ambra's were
metal cased. I suspect you have an 8590 desktop which is a nice
MCA machine with a SCSI bus.

ciao larry


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