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From: Dave McGuire <mcguire_at_neurotica.com>
Date: Sat Mar 3 00:29:02 2001

On March 2, Paul Braun wrote:
> They came up with the name "MITS" to siphon off some of the
> prestige from the school of the same initials, and then made up the
> words necessary to make it an acronym....I believe it was "Micro
> Instrumentation and Telemetry Something"....obviously, my brain is
> protesting because it wants more Phish Food and I haven't fed it
> yet.....

  It was Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems. Forrest M. Mims
was quite the writer...I grew up reading his books. And who could
forget that his wife's name is...MINNIE! Yes folks, Minnie Mims.

  Stop laughing now. ;)

          -Dave McGuire
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