Packaging service recommendations?

From: Jim Battle <>
Date: Sun Mar 4 22:12:59 2001

At 04:10 PM 3/4/01 -0800, Don Maslin wrote:
>[ re: my need to ship a 300 lb computer from portland OR to san jose, CA ]
>Were I you, and in consideration of the costs of packing over and above
>the costs of shipping, I would entertain the idea of begging, borrowing,
>or renting a station wagon and driving up there to pick it up in person.
>Portland is not that distant a drive, the roads are good and the scenery
> - don

Two years ago, no problem. Even my wife would have been game for it.
But now with two 18 month old toddlers, abandoning my wife for a weekend
or strapping the two kiddies in a car seat for 16 hours isn't an option.

Perhaps I should just wait a bit for a couple more quakes to bring the
two cities closer together.

Jim Battle ==
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