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From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 13:03:59 2001

 The PCjr bricks aren't too uncommon so I'll wait and I'm sure one
will turn up. My time is better used fixing some of my other non-
working machines. In any case thanks for the details of the
construction. It'll go in my archives for future use.

ciao larry

> > BTW. Does anyone have an extra power supply for jr. Will pay or
> > trade. I've never powered it up and it still had the inserts in the
> > disk drives.
> I assume you mean the PSU 'brick' and that you have the PSU card (it
> has the power switch on it, so if you have that, you have the card) in
> the machine.
> In which case, Make one :-).
> It's just a plain 17V transformer, at about 3A. The outside 2 pins on
> the connector go to the ends of the secondary winding, the centre pin
> goes to mains earth. It is not a centre-tapped transformer (or at
> least, the one I built for my machine isn't and a centre-tapped
> transformer would make no sense at all with the circuit of the PSU
> board in the TechRef).
> In other words, something like this :
> 500mA fuse To PCjr PSU
> connector
> L o-------------O\O-----------------)||(----------------<
> )||(
> 120V )||( 17V +------<
> )||( |
> N o---------------------------------)||(---------)------<
> |
> E o----------------------------------------------+
> Use a 50VA (or so) transformer, and add a fuse in series with one side
> of the secondary if you like (I did)
> -tony

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