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From: ajp166 <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 16:53:02 2001

>> The howls of protest when anything new is metricated can probably be
>> clear across the pond! Mind you, prosecuting a greengrocer for
>> his weights in pounds (as happend recently) was a bit over the top....
>> I've been metric since I was at school (late 50's - early '60s) so I
>> cope with either. My old 386 tower weighs about 1 1/2 stone....
>I have no problems with either. There are plenty of approximate
>conversions for everyday use, like :
>1 foot ~= 30cm (and FWIW, ~= 1 light-nanosecond ;-)), so "I've estimated
>I need just over 9 feet of cable, so if I buy 3 metres it'll be enough)


Me, I could care less. I have mostly inch/pound instruments but metric
are equally handy. Electronics is if anything biased to metric. I'm
used to 10 meter band rather than the 10.9yard. Conversions are less
the problem for the metric world. It still bugs me to convert
to Inch/oz.

>Over here, second-hand imperial measuring tools, like micrometers, are
>often a lot cheaper than metric ones. I have no problem using either,
>would rather save money (or spend the same money and get a better tool).

Good tools transcend the units they measure.

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