Sinclair Toaster

From: Mike <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 17:12:44 2001

I had a fun fleamarket run last weekend and for $17 total... First picked
up an unbuilt and complete Sinclair Black Watch Kit...

It was difficult retaining the drool while fishing out the $2... It's a
pretty little kit (entire kit)

here's someone's jpg of the nonkit version that I found on the net

There's a Sinclair ic (kx8508 Sinclair) that's got a datecode of '75 but I
dont remember ever seeing the watch advertised on this side-o-the-pond... I
guess kit's safe as long as my other LED holds out. ;)

Then I found a Video Toaster 4000 3.0/40 Amiga 2000 with a GVP scsi/hd, and
a few DPS (Digital Processing Systems) boards in it. It boots fine into
workbench and into toaster but I haven't hooked up any video sources to it
yet. It's wonderful to finally have Workbench on a harddisk.

I haven't found much on the DPS cards yet though... I useta use a DPS PAR
board in a pc with 3dstudio but I'm guessing these are tbc video
capture/player boards. Does anyone have info on the:

    1. DPS, 743-860, PTF Rev 2
    2. DPS-560, 743-800 WFV Rev 3

- Mike
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