NeXT MO disks

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 19:40:53 2001

> > Has me thinking about trying to put the Pinnacle to good use, if it is
>> functional. It would be easy enough to use it with my Mac's, but I wonder
>> how hard it would be to get it working with the NeXT.
>The drive should appear as a direct access removable device on the SCSI bus.
>There may be a jumper to make it appear non-removable, if the NeXT does not
>like removable media.
>The NeXT native filesystem probably needs 512-byte sectors, so try using it
>with a 600MB or 1.2GB disk first. Using, say, tar to write directly to
>the drive may work with 650MB or 1.3GB disks.

        I actually found a couple of Sony EDM-1DA1 MO disks with
512-byte sectors and are formatted out to approximately 281meg/side.
Connected to 3 different Mac's, they will all read the disks fine but
they all error out when I attempt to reformat the disks, either using
the Pinnacle-supplied software or using FWB HDtoolbox. This version
of HDtoolbox states that it supports this drive too. The drive acts
like thier's a SCSI-bus problem at times but changing terminators and
such have had no effect on it.

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