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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 19:22:50 2001

Nothing drove that point home for me more than when I found that if I left
something other than flour, yeast, or water, out of my bread recipe, it really
didn't matter much. Moreover, if I put in an extra cupp of flour, or
inadvertently left one out, it didn't matter either. It still produced bread,
and the normal result wasn't sufficiently reproducible to point up any
difference between the amounts either...


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> > > I knew the HP49G was useful for something :-). It has all those units in


> > ml. Close enough for cookery, I suppose.
> When you consider that most recipies include such reproducable standards
> as '1 egg' or 'a pinch of salt', you come to realise that measuring
> _anything_ accurately is probably a total waste of time :-)
> -tony
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