From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 01:03:26 2001

Uhh, I think I'll pass on Australia, thanks!!! But now I'm more justified in
clobbering every spider I see in the house/garage/basement; some of them I
literally have no clue what they are.. and the other night I went to take my
bath and there was a spider in my bathroom that was quite odd, particularly
after applying my accounting textbook to it. I kill all other insects I find
indoors too, apart from crickets, so don't think I hate spiders.. I really
don't, I just have lots of valuable things are that are vulnerable to insect
damage, not to mention that I'm often barefoot, and have bad luck to boot.
For example, when I brought home my Commodore 128 from my uncle's house, I
also brought home 4 brown recluses... I practically tossed the things across
the room. The worst I've experienced, however, has to be the Sinclair ZX81 I
got, which, when opened, was full of *live* cockroaches! BARF! That went
straight to the dumpster, after the Denver cockroach massacre... My worst
non-computer experience was a 1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2 I helped my friend
restore.. mice had inhabited it for 15+ years.. Whole car reeked of mouse
piss.. (Yes I was wearing a mask, ugh). They had eaten the inside of the
interior, so after taking out the seats, there was mouse shizzat and car
interior shreds 5 inches deep, and since the trunk latch was busted and
drilling it out failed, guess who got to crawl through the hole in the frame
thats behind the backseat into the truck? Me of course! I don't think I've
ever been so glad to leave a place.
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