HLL Computers

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Date: Tue Mar 6 11:32:36 2001

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>

> There's another category of machines like the "Basic stamp" that
>have an HLL in firmware "on chip" (either in ROM on the CPU chip, or in
>another chip on the same IC). From an architectural point of view, I
>this is a lot different from what you are talking about, but you may
>to make a list for that category as well, for completeness. I'll bet
>find some processors that are right on the edge between categories, too.

Add to that... machines where the cpus had internal rom with...

  National NSC8073 with tinybasic on internal rom
  Intel 8052 (8051 serios with 8k basic).
  8051 with Forth in internal rom
  An assortment of small handhelds with a chip containing basic

Then there were the machines with internal rom or microcode that ran some

  Didn't Wang have a small micro with basic on rom?

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