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From: Derek Peschel <dpeschel_at_eskimo.com>
Date: Tue Mar 6 13:07:58 2001

Someone or other wrote:

> > Has the SYMBOL machine machine been mentioned? (There's one in on display at
> > the Computer Museum History Center in Mtn. View CA.).

Frank McConnell wrote:

> I'm pretty sure that both of the above books include some discussion
> of the SYMBOL machine. Predictably, I don't have either at hand to
> look; they're both in storage and storage is a mess right now.

_Computer Structures: Readings and Examples_ has a chapter on the SYMBOL.
It's the first edition of the book (more interesting than the second).
And if you don't have a copy of the book, use this handy URL!


I was wondering if it was legal, but then I noticed the owner of the page
and I decided it was. :) His home page is one level up.

-- Derek
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