Us vs. Museums

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 13:43:22 2001

> > I'm not an authority on distinctions, just a visitor offering my
> > concern to preserve what's best for learning purposes.
> OK, in your opinion, what machines are important to preserve for learning
> purposes (or for any other purpose you'd care to suggest). I am seriously
> interested....

Just to jump into the conversation... Some of these old computers are still
being used for teaching purposes. There is a class taught at a community
college in minneapolis that actually has the students programming on
a PDP 8/E (that they have to borrow from another community college
each time). If they had their own pdp 8 computers, maybe they could
offer the course more often. So, there are uses for older, simpler
to understand computers.

-Lawrence LeMay
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