Sinclair Toaster

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 16:28:05 2001

> I'll check my TBCs tonight to see if I can get a match on the board
> you mentioned.

Thanks Mark... I think one of the tbc's is a IV or IVplus because it has a
s-video-in on the back but I'm still not sure about either. They both have
the four BNC ports and the little RJ jack

> Does your GVC board include an accelerator?

Yeah, I think it's the G-Force 040 card by picture IDing it from the
hardware site you and Iggy mentioned. Yipee!

> Most Toaster systems had at
> least an '030, if not an '040. Lightwave needs all the horsepower and RAM
> it can get.

Got a copy? ;)

> Have fun with the new Ami!

Thanks (I am)
- Mike
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