Sinclair Toaster

From: Mike <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 16:35:13 2001

From: Iggy Drougge <>

>> It's wonderful to finally have Workbench on a harddisk.
> And it only cost 15USD? You utter bastard.

*blush* Well to be fair... it was missing the keyboard, mouse, and monitor
cable for the included 1084S. But I had them sitting in the corner waiting
for this find event... ;)

> If you need to identify the cards, use a program such as WhichAmiga or a
> modern ShowBoards. I'll mail them to you if you like.

That might be necesary and appreciated if I can't get a handle on them.
What I'd really like is a C compiler with an API toolkit for the Toaster and
TBC subsystems...

- Mike
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