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Date: Tue Mar 6 19:00:40 2001

<sigh> another reason not to use Micros~1 products for email...

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>The following came to us at work, and I wanted to pass on the info:
>STRICOM has received official notification of a new virus in the wild
>the Naked Wife Virus.
>This virus is sent by email message with the subject of the "Naked Wife"
>"FW: Naked Wife" with text of "My wife never looked like that! ;) ".
>There is an infected attachment named "nakedwife.exe". When opened, this
>virus resends itself to other recipients in address book. This virus also
>affects all .dll, .exe, .com, and .bitmaps files. Do not open this
>or the attachment if received.
>Information has not yet been received as to whether Norton or McAfee will
>detect and clean this virus.
>Microsoft Outlook email systems are the primary target of this virus and we
>do not believe Lotus Notes is affected >>

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