Us vs. Museums

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 22:51:19 2001

> One thing that should be remembered is that a great many
> museums are run by fairly small staffs, often volenteers who may not
> even be all that familiar with the operation/repair of the exhibits.
> Couple this with the beating any hands-on machine would receive over
> time and it should be easy to see just how difficult it may be to
> keep even the most common machine functional and available for
> hands-on time.

You're right. In most museums, a hands-on display is a recipe for disaster. A
better model for hands-on in my opinion would be something akin to a scientific
laboratory: only those of demonstratably sufficient merit are allowed touch
access to the machines. This would be more a thing to be implemented by
enthusiasts' clubs, but it would provide an opportunity for learning to those
who wish it, even as the years pass and working machines become even more rare.

> A better idea might be to have the historical machine
> on display and a kiosk next to it running more modern hardware with
> an emulator of that machine on display.

Neat idea.

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