Value of a small VAX farm

From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Tue Mar 6 23:25:55 2001

Well, I've said that I haven't gotten myself into this hobby to make a profit,
but it is time for a small contradiction.

I have found a person in my area that has 7 VAXen he's going to scrap if he
can't move them out. Now, I'm not particularly interested in VAXen, but I am
currently trying to raise money to put together a PDP-11 system or two. I need
to know if these machines' value (in terms of power to acquire the PDP-11 parts
that I want, either by money or direct trade) is greater than the cost of the
trip to get them.

The VAXen:
VAX 6000-310
VAX 6000-410
VAX 6000-420 (2 of them)
VAX 6000-510 (2 of them)
VAX 7000-610 (cpu cards removed)

Cost of trip: $500

The owner claims they were used by NASA, then stored in a climate-controlled
room, then given to him. He says they look brand new.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
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