Tatung Einstein disks

From: DOUG PEKSA - COMPG <PeksaDO_at_Cardiff.ac.uk>
Date: Wed Mar 7 09:05:10 2001

>> .... My Einstein came with the 80 column add-on ....

> I've never seen one, but I've always suspected it was a 6845 + 2K RAM +
> character generator + TTL glue logic in the obvious configuration. How
> close am I?

Not close, exact. The 'MODEL TK02 80 COLUMN MONOCHROME CARD' has:
UM 6845 8440 , TMM2016BP-10 , TMS2764JL-45 , a 10Mhz oscillator (may
be 16 or 18 - can't quite read it and havn't put a 'scope on it yet)
and fifteen 74LSxxx chips.

> How much hardware-related info do you have? I can find (easily) things
> like connector pinouts, etc.

Absolutely none but I'm not looking further than getting an OS at the moment
- if it then doesn't work however, I'll remember your kind offer.

John Honniball asked about the disks in the Einstein - having now taken them
out of the steel box sleeve which every 3.0" drive seems to come in I can
report that they are different to the Amstrad PCW8256/8512 drives -
whereas the Amstrad are the 'infamous slack belt' drives, the drives in my
Einstein are Teac direct drive (hurray!).

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