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Date: Wed Mar 7 03:27:57 2001

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>>What would you suggest is the foremost reason for
>>"seeing" them?

>Well in my case, I find them pleasing to look at. I
>like seeing, and being able to touch, systems that I
>have heard about or know about, butI do not own.

That sounds very much like an individual seeking out
autographs in person from celebrities. I don't sense
anything particularly educational about that type of
experience with computers.

>>Would you suppose that there are other causes even
>>more significant than encouraging computers as a hobby
>>through museum displays?

>Of course, but that doesn't mean that there's anything
>wrong with it.

Neither did I say there was. I asked whether you might
suggest "other causes even more significant" than a personal

>>>The Computer Museum History Center located at
>>>Moffett Airfield.

>>Is there a URL for it?


Thank you!

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