IBM System 36

From: Steve Robertson <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 13:52:22 2001

There are a number of different variants but, that sounds a lot like my /36.
Basically, the entire system is one box (box ass tower) with integral HDs,
I/O, tape drive (optional), and 8" floppy drive. I think most of the HDs are
in the 60-90MB range.

All external devices including the console are connected through a twinax
cable. IIRC, mine has several (4) coax connectors on the rear panel. I don't
recall the terminal type but, I think they are common IBM twinax terminals.
I see the terminals on Ebay fairly often. As I recall, they go pretty cheap.

Since the HDs are internal and the systems are not likely to be under
maintenance, it's not too difficult to find a 36 with the OS still
installed. The one I collected came with all the original install disks so
passwords weren't an issue. The lack of an available OS has certainly
dissuaded me from bothering with any 400 stuff.

I messed around with the box when I first got it but, it really didn't seem
all that interesting so, I stuck it in the garage.

I'm sure a number of other collectors s on this list also have a /36?

Steve Robertson

>From: Chad Fernandez <>
>Subject: IBM System 36
>Date: Tue, 06 Mar 2001 22:15:17 -0500
>Last time I went to the surplus electronic shop that I visit. I saw
>what was labeled as being a System 36. It was basically a really over
>grown full tower, with a few other peripherals. Did I see the whole
>unit, or just a small part? Would this be something I could do
>something with? Does any freeware exist? How about the OS.... is it
>around, and attainable? What kind of processing horsepower does it
>I didn't really look at it, while I was there. I knew they are the
>ancestor to the AS400, and the AS400 is sort of a white elephant for the
>Chad Fernandez
>Michigan, USA

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