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From: Jeffrey S. Sharp <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 15:05:14 2001

> Why fault Microsoft for making products that are popular and common?

(1) Their products' popularity and commonness is largely *not* a result of the
product's quality.

(2) Their products are designed for idiots. Computers are tools for smart
people. Should we let evolution gradually filter out stupid people from the
species, or should we allow them to be our least common denominator, thereby
limiting the power of the species as a whole?

(3) Their software engineers have given far too much design control to their
marketing droids.

(4) Think Britney Spears, but only in software.

Jeffrey S. Sharp
"One World, One Web,   One Program" - Microsoft advertisement
"Ein Volk,  Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer"  - Adolf Hitler
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