Nuke Virus Alert !!!

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 17:11:58 2001

>> Why fault Microsoft for making products that are popular and common?

Millions of people make a very good living off the nasty bug ridden
software microsoft creates, either through sales of replacements, or
support of the current mess. Most of these people are not stupid, ie like
the person that pursuaded an office to convert to macs, and was fired 6
months later when they had no need for a full time support person.

Microsoft cultivates this mercenary corp very carefully, and gives it lots
of perks etc. If you get on the mailing list you will get plenty of offers
for seminars, both free and paid, that will show you how to make a LOT of
money promoting MS software. I'm not even suggesting these people are in
any way dishonest, they get a thorough brainwashing on the microsoft way.
The more saavy people are a bit cynical, pointing out the huge holes in new
MS products among themselves, with comments like "this ones going to buy me
a new BMW".
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