Xenix/286-Any hints?

From: Eric J. Korpela <korpela_at_ellie.ssl.berkeley.edu>
Date: Wed Mar 7 16:23:40 2001

> >Hi, I am interested in old computers especially in i286 (PC/AT)class
> >computers. I am looking for a multitasking OS which uses the capabilities
> >of this CPU like memory protection, 16MB address space, etc.
> >I only found Xenix/286 which take advantage of this 286 features or are
> >there other ones as well?
> >Is it still possible to find copies for this version of Xenix?
> Didn't Mark Williams' Coherent run on 286 boxes, or was it
> strictly 386 and above? I messed with it a little 11-12 years ago
> and had it running on a generic 386SX-16 box with 4meg of RAM and a
> 40meg HD.

Depends upon the version. There was a version for 8086 before the
286 version.

For a 286 operating system I would suggest Minix. It has the same
64k code+64k data process limitations that coherent did. It's nearly
open source, and (last time I checked) it's more stable than ELKS.
(The embeddable linux kernel subset). Did Xenix support huge model,
or was it also 64k+64k?

I'd also check out OS/2 1.X, which definitely supported huge model, but was
single user.

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