Value of a small VAX farm

From: Geoff Roberts <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 16:50:42 2001

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Subject: Re: Value of a small VAX farm

> He didn't trash them did he.... if he did lets shoot him!
> I wish I had a big Vax. I might be able to get a hold of a MVax 3600,
> but one of those 6000s would have been better :-) I don't know much
> about them, but it is a platform I would like to know more about. I
> an account on a Vax cluster in college, and liked it a lot.

Someone earlier in this thread said that they were often given away
these days.
(At least in the US) so a word on the list might be worthwhile.
They are probably the only really large vaxen that it is practical to
run in
a home environment for any length of time. The 400's and above are
quite fast
compared to the Microvaxen that are about, and they do SMP. Also much
to add/subtract adapters from without fiddling with grant cards as in
Q-Bus boxes.

The 6000 Jeffrey mentioned with the 6 cpus and the KDB50 from the 310
would have made
a VERY slick standalone machine.
FWIW, a system like that, brand new, (early 90's) would have been worth
on the order of $500,000. (without drives)


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