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From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 16:53:39 2001

>>(3) Their software engineers have given far too much design control
>>to their marketing droids.
>Bull Shit... Without marketing, WINDOWS would have a f***ing command
>line interface and only the eliteist "smart" people (like yourself)
>would be entitled to use it. Marketing is just as important to
>software engineering as developers are.

        I believe that the point of his statement was that marketing
has played too large of a role in the popularity of MS products and
in thier design without the substance to back it all up. If there's
one thing MS has proved itself to be a master of it's marketing and
the media. I'm another that would hardly call thier products
'quality' driven. They've proven that marketing will sell even the
lamest thing while the lack of it will sink even the best of ideas.
Both Commodore and Atari learned that lesson the hard way while Sony
is another company that uses it to great advantage and has the deep
pockets to do so.

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