Dallas module battery replacement...

From: James Carter <james_at_cs.york.ac.uk>
Date: Thu Mar 8 07:01:37 2001

On 8 Mar, Ralph SOBEK wrote:
> Hi all!
> Just curious, but are are the prices of these Sun NVRAM timer chips
> these days? I am looking for a replacement
> for the old SG Thompson M48T02 chip. Here in France they are on the
> order of $45-50!! What has happened
> to last year's $20-28 ? Are the Dallas chips identical to the ST ones,
> as concerns a Sun?

i'm not sure about the st one's, but i'm pretty sure that dallas have
discontinued the nvram chips as used in 4c class hardware. rather than
forking out huge sums, why no just replace the battery? i've done this
with some success. you have to bit a bit careful when carving out the
old one, but after that, it's a doddle.

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