Need IBM XT/286 Setup disk

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Date: Thu Mar 8 08:48:52 2001

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<< After I got the XT/286 CMOS setup I tried to read the hard drive but it
 turns out that the drive is bad. RATS! I was hoping to find software for
 the STAG EPROM programmers still on it. That's the only reason that I
 picked the machine up. Well, I'll save the floppy drives out of it and
 pitch the rest of it. >>

are you sure the hard drive is bad? I've a 3270pc that posts a 1701 error but
if I let the machine idle for a short time until the hard drive warms up, it
then works fine. Or if you have a copy of spinrite, let that run on it.
That's saved a drive for me before.

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