DEC KS-10 Emulator Now Available

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 11:01:26 2001

I figured this would be of interest to people here, especially with a good
rundown of where to go and what to get. Timothy Stark has released his
TS10 Emulator which emulates a DEC KS-10 and will at least run TOPS-10

Emulator (in CVS):


Here is some info from Timothy Stark on the tapes:
> Well, you need a listing of packages to install TOPS-10 v7.03 system on
> my TS10 emulator.

> BB-X138B-BB KS Bootable TOPS-10 v7.03 tape
> BB-X140B-SB TOPS-10 v7.03 Monitor sources
> BB-X128B-SB TOPS-10 v7.03 w/sources #1
> BB-FP63A-SB TOPS-10 v7.03 w/sources #2
> BB-FP64A-SB TOPS-10 v7.03 Tools w/sources
> BB-X130B-SB CUSP w/sources

> They are in .TAP files that you can get them from Tim's archive. I thank
> to Tim Shoppa for makeing .tap files on your archives.

> To boot TOPS-10 operating system. You need KS10 Bootable tape first
> (BB-X138B-BB) and type 'boot mta0:' to load and run BOOTM program.
> Then, type '/tm02' to execute it. It will load and run Monitor.

> Following instructions that Monitor ask you for. First time, use
> 'DESTROY' to initialize emulated RP06 disk file. When you answer
> 'Y' to start system up, you should see a dot prompt.

> I will write installation how to install other tapes into system.

TOPS-10 Operators Guide:

So far everyones experience is showing that you need an x86 box running
Linux to run this (and not every version of Linux). Work is going on to
get this running on other OS's right now.

Right now there is no installation guide for installing TOPS-10 v7.0x.

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