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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 06:34:07 2001

Julian Richardson skrev:

>Don't get me wrong, I hate Microsoft as much as anyone else, but fair dues
>to them for trying to bring computers to the masses. In my opinion they're
>going about it in totally the wrong way though; don't throw together a lot
>of buggy, bloated software the looks nice and on the surface is easy to use
>- instead build a robust, logical product and provide good documentation on
>how to use it. Expect your users to have to actually *learn* something in
>order to harness its potential.

Why does everyone spread this blatant lie? Microsoft have never done anything
to make computers easier! They were among the last to provide a functioning
GUI! What have MS ever done to make computers easier? Mimic Apple et al?
Following a general trend has never been my definition of actively working or
contributing towards a goal.

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